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The goal of the vocabkitchen social reading tool is to quickly identify which words students don't know in a text and return a specific word meaning based on context. The app helps teachers gather data so they can make an informed decision about which words to teach. It also helps students by reducing the time and energy it takes to sort through multiple word meanings - sometimes more than 50 - in a dictionary entry.

Using the app

The vocabkitchen learn app has two parts: a teacher page and a student page. The teacher page lets you see which words students have selected as "unknown". There are three tables at the bottom of the page which summarize all the data related to the text. The teacher page also lets you click a word and add your own definition or view the complete dictionary entry for that word and select a specific sub-entry that matches the sentence context.

The student page can be shared with students by either giving them a "ticket number" which they can enter or by sharing a direct link to the text. These can by found at the top of the teacher page for the text. Once students have opened the text, they can indicate gaps in vocabulary knowledge by clicking unknown words. This information is updated on the teacher page in real time. They can also view any definitions you have set by clicking the defined words which are shown in green. Definitions are also updated in real time.

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