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New VocabKitchen coming soon!

November 17, 2019

Hi vocabkitchen users! First, thanks for using my site. I've received your emails that certain features of this site have stopped working, especially the ability to add new definitions. I'm aware of the problem. I've been working on a complete redesign of this site over the past year that has limited my time for maintaining this version. My plan is to have the new version up and available early in 2020.

What does this mean for you? First, the CEFR profiler will remain unchanged other than a bit of redesign to make it more friendly for mobile devices. The social reader tool will be completely redesigned. Unknown word tracking will go away, but instead you will be able to:

  1. select a definition from multiple dictionaries that targets a specific word meaning in context
  2. automatically generate scaffolded vocabulary excercises for students
  3. collaborate on and share reading materials with other teachers in your organization
  4. edit existing texts
  5. track student vocabulary learning progress

You can provide feedback that will help guide the transition to the new vocabkitchen here:

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Vocabulary Profilers


What’s a vocabulary profiler?

A vocabulary profiler is a tool that checks if a piece of text contains words from a vocabulary list. The vocabkitchen.com profiler shows matches in two ways. Matched words in the original text are given a different color, or you can view a list of all the words in a table organized by level. You don’t need an account to use our profilers.

Why should I use a vocabulary profiler?

Teachers use vocabulary profilers to check the vocabulary level of a reading text they use for a class or for an assessment. It can be useful for identifying the level of a reading text or as a way of knowing which words in a text should receive more focus. Students can use it to see which words might be most useful for them to learn.

What is the difference between the profilers?

Each profiler matches words from a different vocabulary list. Check the table below and follow the links to find out more about each list.


Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


Academic Word List